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Wath Caregiver: Digitally Restored (2008)

Wath Caregiver: Digitally Restored (2008)

A grade school English teacher Sarah Gonzales joins the 150,000 Pinoy OFWs working in the United Kingdom to support her Husband, Teddy Gonzales in making a better living for their family. More than just a chronicle of the Filipinos experience working as nurses and caregivers in the UK, this story also charts Sarah’s journey to self-discovery from a submissive wife who makes sacrifices for her Husband; Teddy’s aspirations to an empowered woman who finds dignity and pride in a humbling job as a Caregiver in London.

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD Rip


IMDb: 6.2

Wath Caregiver: Digitally Restored (2008)